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D visa (long-term) to Ukraine


  • Preparation of documents (translations, insurance, certificates)!
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Deadline 2 days

2500 UAH

The service cost does not include additional costs – transfer of documents, payment of insurance policies, consular fees!



Visa D allows the holder to live in the country for a long time, study or work. It is usually issued as a multiple, the date of entry is indicated on the visa label, and the period of stay in the country is also fixed. Registration begins with collecting documents, one of which formulates the grounds for entry into the country, arguing the feasibility of a long stay.

D visa to Ukraine and Features of Its Registration


No matter the basis of a foreigner’s desire to enter our country, the opening of a visa remains a general rule for citizens of most countries. Among the three types of visas: transit (B) – for 5 days, short-term (C) – up to 90 days and long-term (D), long-term is most often used by those who are going to live with us permanently. With the opening of a visa, begins obtaining documents for permanent residence and obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

Visa D allows the holder to live in the country for a long time, study or work. It is usually issued as a multiple, the date of entry is indicated on the visa label, and the period of stay in the country is also fixed. Registration begins with collecting documents, one of which formulates the grounds for entry into the country, arguing the feasibility of a long stay.

How to Start a Visa D

IMPORTANT! Documents must be submitted no earlier than 3 months before the trip.

Visa D begins with the creation of an account on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and pre-registration of the questionnaire, which indicates personal data, the purpose of the trip and planned to visit settlements. After completing the questionnaire, you can print it for future use.

Submit documents in person, with the help of an authorized person or using postal means after pre-registration in the visa information and telecommunications system.

IMPORTANT! A paper version of the questionnaire will be required for an interview at the consulate.

Types of Visa D and Grounds for Obtaining

At registration of the visa (and long-term including), the visa label – a color sticker of the established sample pasted in the foreigner’s passport is filled. The visa label indicates the place of issuance of the visa, its validity, diversity, and basic information about the person for whom the visa is issued. Also, from the digital coding on the label, you can determine the type of visa D – the numbers next to the letter D indicate the foreigner’s purpose.

01 – visa obtained for immigration;

02 – issued to a refugee for family reunification;

03 – an employee of the diplomatic service;

04 – for employment;

05 – visa of an international project participant;

06 – for preaching activities;

07 – to work in a public organization;

08 – to work at a foreign company;

09 – for employees of a foreign bank;

10 – for cultural, scientific and educational activities;

11 – to work in foreign media;

12 – visa of the founder or beneficial owner of the legal entity;

13 – for training;

14 – for a husband (wife) of a citizen of Ukraine;

15 – for the husband (wife) of the holder of a temporary or permanent residence permit;

16 – visa issued by an international agreement.

The Main Case of Documents

  • A passport is valid for no more than 10 years and with at least two blank pages.
  • Completed visa application form. If a foreigner’s passport includes persons traveling with him, they fill out a questionnaire separately. Parents or legal representatives sign questionnaires for minors.
  • Color photo 35×45 mm.
  • For all but holders of diplomatic and service passports, an insurance policy with a cost of € 30,000 or more is mandatory.
  • Documentary proof of financial capacity.
  • A receipt or other proof of payment of the visa fee.

In addition, the case must include a document stating the reason for the visit, which justifies the length of stay in our country.

Reason Document


Employment Permission to use the work of foreigners (notarized copy) and employment agreement (contract).
Immigration LCA decision on immigration (copy).
Family reunification ·         Refugees and those in need of protection provide proof of family affiliation.

·         The spouses provide documents proving the marital relationship.

Training (internship) Registered invitation from the university.
Participation in an international project Request from a government agency or recipient organization.
Preaching activity Petition of a religious organization.
Service in foreign missions Invitation or request from the relevant missions.
Work in the media Application or appeal of a foreign media accredited in Ukraine.
Diplomatic Service Appeals from government agencies.
Cultural, scientific and educational activities Invitations from the state body that implements the relevant programs or from an organization that involves volunteers in its activities.

In some cases, a foreigner applying for a visa may be invited to the consulate to clarify the purpose of the trip.

IMPORTANTLY! All documents issued by a foreign state must be properly legalized, translated into Ukrainian and certified.

Proof of Financial Capacity

Financial capacity is confirmed by the procedure approved on December 4, 2013, by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 884.

  • A foreigner must have in his account or cash an amount that corresponds to twenty times the subsistence level or exceeds it per month of residence.
  • The calculation may consider the confirmed obligations of the host party to retain the newcomer fully.

The procedure for confirming the availability of the necessary funds or guarantees is determined by the Law of Ukraine “On Foreigners” (Part 3 of Article 21). According to this procedure, financial capacity can be confirmed by:

  • cash – in convertible foreign currency or in hryvnias;
  • payment card with a statement from a personal bank account confirming the amount sufficient for a visa and further residence;
  • documentary evidence of the applicant’s ability to receive the required amount in one or more Ukrainian banks;
  • voucher – agreement on tourist services;
  • letters of guarantee from the host party, which undertakes to pay for the personal expenses and maintenance of the foreigner, as well as the funds associated with his departure;
  • travel tickets, documents on booking and payment for housing and meals.

To establish the compliance of financial security with the necessary standards, the following are used:

  • visual inspection – if it is about cash in hryvnias or other convertible currency and payment card;
  • careful study of other documents on the funds available to a foreigner.

Consular Fee and Its Features

The consular or visa fee is charged for processing entry documents provided by diplomatic missions and consular posts. It is 65 US dollars if it is the usual terms of registration. If a foreigner wants to get a D visa urgently, the amount will be twice as high.

Children and adolescents, pupils and students, journalists, the disabled and several other categories of citizens are exempt from paying the visa fee.

IMPORTANTLY! The amount of the consular fee in case of visa denial is not refundable.

Terms of Consideration of Documents and Decision-Making

A standard visa is issued within 10 days from the date of submission of the full package of documents. However, if the information provided or the papers submitted, according to the migration services, require additional verification, the procedure will take up to 30 days.

IMPORTANTLY! The documents can be considered urgently – the decision to issue a visa can be made in less than 5 days, but such a service is more expensive.

Validity of the D Visa and Further Registration of Stay in the Country

A long-term visa (D) is initially issued as a multiple-entry visa for 90 days. After the expiration of the term, a foreigner can apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit.

The visa can also be extended if, during the validity of the visa, the foreigner fails to complete the residence permit for a good reason, and he can provide supporting documents. You can extend the validity of the visa for a month. In addition, the application for extension must be submitted to the LCA no later than three and no later than ten working days before the expiration date of the visa.

Refusal and Its Grounds

Visas will be denied if:

  • the stay of a foreigner in our country poses a threat to national security, public order, health or other interests of Ukrainians;
  • a foreigner who has applied for a visa has previously been banned from entering the country or temporarily restricted from leaving;
  • the passport of the person who submitted the documents does not correspond to the sample, is damaged or has signs of forgery;
  • the foreigner provided false information about himself or the purpose of his visit.

But the most common reason for failure is an incomplete package of documents:

  • without health insurance;
  • without evidence confirming the purpose of the visit;
  • without evidence of financial security.

Sometimes the visa is suspended at the applicant’s request, whose circumstances and plans have changed.

In each case, the applicant is informed about the refusal to issue a visa, and the appropriate mark is made on the passport documents. A foreigner can appeal the decision by filing an appeal with the Ukrainian consulate.

Visa D With Status Ko is Easy

Applying for a visa takes a lot of time and requires special knowledge. Careful collection of the necessary papers will require patience and understanding of the bureaucratic aspects of legal procedures. Is it worth the risk if you can avoid mistakes and not be disappointed when refusing a visa? You decide. But if you decide to turn to the lawyers of Status Ko., the path to a visa will be unmistakable and easy.

You will be helped by:

  • competently draw up a visa application form;
  • determine which documents need to be prepared in a particular case
  • prepare for an interview at the Ukrainian consulate;
  • collect the case without mistakes and delays.

The company has extensive experience working with foreigners and foreign companies, with people who come to the country for work, a guest visitors for business purposes. You will receive professional answers to all questions about entry and successful stay, obtaining a visa and issuing a residence permit.

Status Ko lawyers are ready to help and protect the client’s interests at the most important and necessary moment.

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