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Urgent translation of documents in Kiev


Urgent translation of documents is a linguistic service for the translation of documents in the shortest possible time. Typical work on a text from 5 to 8 pages takes about 8 hours. Translation of a standard document 3-4 hours (depending on the document, for example, a diploma with a large amount of text in the appendix may take a long time). Therefore, even an urgent translation requires a certain amount of time.

Translation agency "Status Ko" (Kiev) specializes in the translation of official documents for the population and legal organizations.

Translation of certain documents is required in various government agencies, such as the embassy, ​​consulate, police, court and many others.

The realities of modern fast-paced life dictate their own conditions: there is often a need to perform urgent translation of documents for the speedy implementation of certain tasks.

However, translation agencies in Kiev and other regions do not always adhere to tight deadlines. Moreover, the client, overpaying for the urgency of the translation, can receive very low-quality services.

How to avoid such problems: find a decent translation agency that will not only do the job quickly, but also with the required level of quality.

At the same time, not the least is the issue of the cost of urgent translation of documents.

The best professionals in the linguistic services market provide answers to all these questions.

A team of qualified specialists of the "Status Ko" translation agency

will perform high-quality urgent translation of documents within the required time frame!

The specialists of the professional translation agency Kiev and the regions will not let you down: linguists clearly understand the importance of providing an urgent translation within a strictly specified time frame. Therefore, in their work they focus on timeliness, responsibility and fulfillment of any urgent order without loss of quality.

Time frame for urgent translation and cost
To fulfill the order at a high level, we do not promise to fulfill it instantly, because we value our reputation and guarantee high-quality work. Therefore, urgent translation of standard documents will take 1-3 hours.

Does this speed affect the cost of translation? Of course. As a rule, a minimum of 30-50% is added to the price. But in most cases, a double rate applies.

Urgent translation of documents: nuances and features
When performing an urgent translation, a linguist needs a high concentration of attention and the ability to translate a document accurately, without further correcting it. Sometimes, for timely translation with large volumes, it is necessary to involve several specialists at once.

The cost of an urgent translation is due to its peculiarities and complexity. Therefore, in proportion to the effort expended, we consider it quite reasonable to mark up 100% of the usual translation cost. More details about the pricing policy - in the corresponding section Prices for the translation of our website.

This information on the timing and cost of urgent translation is indicative and provided for informational purposes only. Consideration should be given to the volume and complexity of translation of any document. For more accurate information, you must directly contact our specialists, or get advice over the phone.

Order urgent translation of documentation
Let's talk in more detail about where to order urgent translation of documents in Kiev. As a rule, translation bureaus perform technical translation of documents, medical or specialized, legal translation and other other types of translations. If you need to translate the documentation urgently, then, of course, you should contact a professional translation agency. You should not trust freelancers or "familiar translators", because only the translation agency bears full legal and financial responsibility for high-quality and fast translation.

Benefits of cooperation with the "Status Ko" translation agency:

Translation of any type of documents
Impeccable reputation and recommendations of our clients in Ukraine and abroad
Indisputable professionalism and the highest quality of work
A wide range of services provided
Experience in the field of translation for about ten years
Knowledge of more than 58 foreign languages
The best graduates
Competitive level of cost of services, which will certainly surprise you.
The goal of our company is to provide the highest quality services and meet all the customer's expectations.

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