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Code of Ukraine on Administrative Law Enforcement


Article 206. Violation of the procedure for providing housing, vehicles and assistance in providing other services to foreigners and stateless persons

Provision of housing and vehicles to foreigners and stateless persons, facilitation of their illegal registration, registration of residence or study documents, employment, as well as provision of other services in violation of the established rules of stay of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine and their transit rules through the territory of Ukraine, if these actions are not directly related to the illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine, -

entail the imposition of a fine of three hundred to five hundred non-taxable minimum incomes.

Article 206 as amended in accordance with Laws № 55/97-ВР of 07.02.97, № 2247-III of 18.01.2001, № 2342-III of 05.04.2001; in the wording of the Law № 1299-IV of November 20, 2003; as amended in accordance with Laws № 1159-VI of 19.03.2009, № 3186-VI of 05.04.2011}

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