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Issuance of a Temporary Residence Permit Through Volunteering


In recent years, many foreigners have come to Ukraine to volunteer. At the moment, our country needs help in various fields, so now many volunteer projects are being implemented in which foreign specialists and ordinary volunteers are involved.

They help young people learn foreign languages voluntarily, implement the experience of Western partners in improving the laws and principles of building a democratic society, participate in the provision of the Armed Forces, and much more.

Volunteer projects have different lifespans. If this is a short-term event, short-term stays in Ukraine are enough for foreign volunteers, but when the project is delayed, foreign volunteers need to issue temporary residence permits in Ukraine on a volunteer basis. This allows you to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days.

STATUS KO Law Firm has many years of experience in providing migration services for foreigners in Ukraine. We will help to issue a temporary certificate as soon as possible.

What is Volunteering/Volunteering of a Foreign Citizen in Ukraine

Volunteering is a non-profit activity that is carried out voluntarily by a person to provide comprehensive assistance to those who need this assistance.

Volunteers have the right to act in areas permitted by law. Most often it is:

  • nature protection and preservation of cleanliness of the environment;
  • assistance to the elderly, the disabled, and orphans;
  • fight against alcohol and drug addiction;
  • care for the seriously ill, and prevention of cancer and AIDS.

Volunteers are involved in education, leisure activities for children and adolescents, protection of the rights of the needy, and other various activities. In particular, they work in social centers and public associations.

The role of volunteering in society is recognized by the state and is fully supported at the legislative level. Voluntary work is considered useful and necessary for society. Charitable and volunteer institutions are developing professionally and offering volunteer work to a growing number of people. Today, volunteering is no longer seen as altruism. It is a way of socialization, development, and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Who Has the Right to Volunteer in Ukraine?

All able-bodied people can be volunteers in Ukraine. This also applies to foreigners legally staying in Ukraine.

It should be noted that according to the current legislation of Ukraine, foreigners can carry out volunteer activities only through special organizations. Information about them is posted on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

A prerequisite for such companies - must be public, charitable, and other associations that do not make a profit.

What is the Sequence of Processes for Registration of Volunteer Activities for a Foreign Citizen?

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit based on volunteering consists of several steps.

Receiving a foreigner's invitation to the company as a volunteer

The organization provides an invitation to a foreign citizens to carry out volunteer activities in Ukraine. It is registered in the company's internal register.

Obtaining a D-10 visa

Upon receipt invitation foreigner must apply to the Embassy of Ukraine and obtain a D-10 visa. It is needed by all foreigners, except those who come from countries with which Ukraine has international bilateral agreements (Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan). It is enough for this category of foreigners to cross the state border.

To apply for a visa, a foreigner must register on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and fill out a form indicating personal data and the purpose of arrival in the country.

Then the following documents are submitted to the consulate of the foreign country:

  • completed questionnaire of the established sample;
  • foreign passport;
  • documents that are the basis for a stay in Ukraine (invitation from the organization to volunteer);
  • medical insurance policy with coverage of costs from 30 thousand euros;
  • confirmation of the financial condition of the foreigner (account statements or bank certificates);
  • receipt of payment of the consular fee.

Issuance of a temporary residence permit

The next step for a foreigner who decides to volunteer in Ukraine is to obtain a temporary residence permit.

To do this, the LCA provides the following documents:

  • passport together with a notarized Ukrainian translation;
  • medical insurance;
  • a document confirming the payment of the administrative fee;
  • submission to the body inviting the volunteer (if it is an institution, an additional certificate of registration will be required).

Importantly! documents for a residence permit for a volunteer must be submitted no later than 15 working days before the expiration of the visa or the permitted period of stay in the country without a visa.

Who Has the Right to Obtain a Temporary Residence Permit Through Volunteering

All foreigners who are involved in volunteer organizations have the right to obtain a temporary residence permit. Data about the company should be in the register of the state organization involved in the implementation of volunteering policies.

The temporary certificate has a term of one year (with the possibility of extension) and allows a foreign volunteer to live, enter and leave Ukraine at any time.

Importantly! if in the future a foreigner wants to work somewhere in Ukraine and earn a living, you will have to obtain an additional work permit.

Registration of residence address

After issuing a temporary certificate, a foreigner must register his / her residence address within 30 calendar days.

To do this, contact the CNAP, fill out the standard application and provide the following documents:

  • temporary certificate;
  • papers granting the right to reside at the specified address (lease agreement, notarized permission of the property owner);
  • confirmation of payment of state duty.

In Which Cases You Can Get a Refusal

Sometimes a foreigner may be denied a temporary residence permit. This usually happens when a person:

  • is in the state in violation of the terms or there is a decision on deportation and entry ban;
  • violated the deadlines for submission of documents;
  • made mistakes in statements and submitted documents;
  • provided a damaged passport or it has signs of falsification;
  • provided false information about himself or not in full;
  • threatens the order and security of the citizens of Ukraine, is wanted for a crime;
  • subject to administrative penalty by court decision.

Summing Up From the Law Firm "STATUS KO"

Obtaining a temporary ID for a volunteer is much easier than for any other reason. But still, the procedure requires a clear sequence, knowledge of Ukrainian law, and compliance with the period of stay in the country.

As STATUS KO has qualified professionals who are responsible for their work, foreign volunteers have the opportunity not to burden themselves with paperwork. While you are doing your job, we take care of the full package of documents required to volunteer in Ukraine.


  • advise on the possibility of obtaining a temporary residence permit ;
  • we will help to officially join the Ukrainian volunteer institution and receive an invitation;
  • prepare documents and take care of visas, temporary certificates, and address registration;
  • we will provide full legal support if necessary.

With us, you will get rid of bureaucratic red tape, errors in documents, and a lot of time.

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