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According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 437, approved by the May 27, 2013, in the territory of Ukraine, a new Procedure of Issuance, Prolongation and Cancellation of Permits for the Use of Labor of Foreigners and Stateless Persons has been in force since June 05, 2013.

The results of introducing new Procedure should have been reduction of term for receiving permits (up to 15 days!) and significant simplification of the procedure. But the experience accumulated since the date of amendments coming into force allows making several not very encouraging conclusions.

Let us study the procedure established and the terms for obtaining permits.

  • Firstly, it is necessary to register a report on position availability at the employment service. Application for issue of the permit can be submitted only in 15 days.
  • A special commission is to consider the documents within 15 days.
  • Employment service should notify the employer about the decision made and place respective information on its web-site within three days.
  • The employer must pay (transfer funds to the employment service account) for issue of permit for use of the foreigner’s labor.
  • The employment service reserves 10 days more since the moment of receiving funds for issue of permit.

First conclusion: primary receipt of permit lasts at least 40 days (but 15 stated!).

The Company “Status Ko” will kindly help you in receiving permit for employment of the foreigner as soon as possible.

The analysis shows that the process of receiving permit is also complicated:

1) it is possible to prolong valid permit one time only. Reissue of permit presupposes passing through all these stages again;

2) some provisions of the Procedure are interpreted ambiguously by the employment service employees and allow them to turn down an application for permit. It is possible to dispute the refusal in superior body or in court only;

3) particular accuracy and awareness of certain nuances are required while preparing documents.

Second conclusion: permit receipt is a complicated process, requiring consideration of many legal details.

We kindly suggest you to make use of services of the “Status Ko” Company in order to avoid difficulties in obtaining permit to use labor of foreign citizens and stateless persons or contesting in court refusal to issue it.

  • Consulting throughout all matters of permit receipt procedure.
  • Analyzing of all submitted documents (confirming education, qualification, references, issued by the enterprise etc.), control of their validity.
  • Submitting reports to the employment center in terms, specified by the legislation of Ukraine.
  • Preparing complete package of documents, necessary for examining by the Kyiv City employment center or any other employment center in Ukraine.
  • Receiving permit at the employment center and representing interests of the employer at all stages of the foreigner’s employment.
  • Consulting throughout all matters, relating to the foreigner’s work in the territory of Ukraine, including preparation of the labor agreement and its prolongation.

Considering a vast number of nuances of the state authorization system work in Ukraine, order of service for filling permit for employment of the foreigner with the help of the “Status Ko” Company is a first step towards early successful completion of this complicated procedure.

Our professionals gained a huge experience in obtaining positive decisions from officials at various levels. We are always ready to render professional support in any matters, relating to obtaining work permit for employment of foreigner and filling out employment visa, justifying necessity to involve a foreign professional into work of the company. You can always count upon consultation of the “Status Ko” Company professional managers in all employment matters in Ukraine, fast collection and preparation of all required documents and guaranteed receipt of the official permit for employment of the foreigner.

Please, do not hesitate to contact “Status Ko” Company right now!

List of documents to obtain permit for employment of foreign citizens:

1. Application

2. Copy of the document confirming education (or qualification) – legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, apostilled, notarized and translated into the Ukrainian Language

3. Copy of the pages of the foreigner passport document and its translation into the Ukrainian Language (notarized)

4. Two color photographs of 3.5 х 4.5 cm.

5. Document, issued by the Prevention and Treatment Facility that a foreign citizen does not suffer from alcohol addiction, toxicomania, drug addiction or other infectious diseases, the list of which is determined by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (narcologist certificate, medical certificate on form No. 028/о).

6. Reference confirming that a position, which shall use labor of a foreigner, does not connected with belonging to the citizenship of Ukraine and does not require access to the National Security Information.

7. Reference of the internal affairs authority (or empowered body of the country of the foreigner’s origin) about clean record of convictions.

8. Order (or abstract from the record, or power of attorney) for the right to represent interest of the employer at the employment service.

List of document to prolong permit for employment of the foreign citizen in the territory of Ukraine:

1. Application;

2. Two color photographs of 3.5х4.5 cm;

3. Reference of the internal affairs authority (or empowered body of the country of the foreigner’s origin) about clean record of convictions.

4. Power of attorney for the right to represent employer’s interests;

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