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Procedure for a place of residence registration is approved by the Law of Ukraine On Freedom of Movement and Free Choice of Place of Residence in Ukraine No. 1382-IV d/d 11.12.2003. Registration stipulates a peculiar record in a passport, where data on new place of residence with exact address of living are specified. In addition, these data are entered into the respective registration record-keeping of a body, responsible for registration issues.

There is a slight difference between procedure for registration of a place of residence at an apartment and at a private house. Thus, in order to register at a private house you should apply to a passport office, having collected required package of documents in advance, then to register at an apartment you should apply to a housing and utility body, corresponding to a new place of residence. In addition, a very important aspect while registering at a private house is an application, submitted personally by children at the age of 15-18 years old, except for the cases, when a child is unable to submit such application personally. In such event an authorized representative with a notarized power of attorney is required to accomplish registration.

A temporary or permanent residence permit is required to register foreigners or stateless persons. According to the Law, persons mentioned above are to submit:

  • Documents, which may serve as grounds for a foreigner’s or stateless person registration at the specified address;
  • Receipt confirming State duty payment (save for the cases of relief from duties);
  • Card on registration removal, given when cancelling registration at the previous place of residence (2 copies).

Documents, which differ based on the availability or absence of your own dwelling, are required to undergo further registration:

  1. A householder must submit an official lease agreement.
  2. A property owner must submit a purchase and sales agreement or any other document, proving a right of ownership to a dwelling.
  3. A family member of a dwelling owner must receive consent of an owner to accomplish registration – an application for registration should include a note of an owner. Family members include relatives of the first line, i.e. wife/husband, children and parents. There is no need to obtain consent of an owner to register minor children.

Important aspects upon availability of own dwelling is the fact that a purchase and sales agreement is to be registered at the Bureau of Technical Inventory prior to submitting documents.

Is it possible to register a person who is not a family member of an owner upon mutual consent? The answer is yes, such persons may be registered at the place of residence of a dwelling owner upon his/her consent. As a rule, consent is a sufficient requirement when registering a person, but sometimes an agreement, which formalizes relations between a person being registered and an owner, may be required. This can be a lease, sub-lease or an uncompensated use agreement. In the event not only an owner, but his/her relatives are registered in an apartment (private house), their consent will also be needed. In the event there are no registered persons a dwelling owner must obtain respective reference of Form 3 at a housing and utility body.

Notwithstanding that procedure for place of residence registration should cover at least ten days, in practice it may be delayed, and not only due to queues at a housing and utility body. Upon submitting all necessary documents, a housing and utility body transfers them to a passport office, where a stamp on a temporary or permanent residence permit is affixed to a passport. After this procedure all documents are passed back.

On August 5, 2012 the Law of Ukraine No. 5088-VI on making amendments to certain laws of Ukraine regarding place of residence registration and place of stay of natural persons in Ukraine came into force, which stipulates new rules for place of residence (stay) registration.

The Law identifies a place of residence as an administrative-territorial unit, where a person lives for over six months, and a place of stay is a place, where a person lives for less than six months respectively. A corresponding mark on registration is attached to one of the following documents: a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a temporary card of a citizen of Ukraine, a card on permanent residence or any other identity card (a card of a refugee, of a person in need for protection etc.).

In the event of changing place of residence a stateless person, citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner must register their new place of residence not later than 10 days from the date of arrival.

In addition, one should pay a state duty as registration is a paid service. Having paid a state duty registration of a new place of residence is carried on the day of submitting all necessary documents.

Removal from registration of a place of residence (stay) is carried out based on an application of a legal representative. A possibility of simultaneous removal of registration and registration of a new place of residence became a huge novelty according to the new Law. This novelty is to remove a range of problems emerging in the process of migration within the country with a card on removal from registration, but registration absence at a new place.

The Law stipulates assignment of registration functions on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and development of a data base with consideration for all population of Ukraine. However, as of today, there are no objectives of creating such base and mechanisms for its protection against unauthorized access, as well as misuse of information. Moreover, collecting and storing of personal data without personal consent conflicts with the Constitution of Ukraine and does not complies with the international standards relating to human rights protection.

Registration of place of children’s residence also has its peculiarities. Place of residence of children aged under 14 years old is registered along with their parents. Children aged 14 plus submit a respective application by themselves. If parents are divorced or live at separate addresses, in such case a parent, registering a child at his/her place of residence, must submit two more documents in addition to an application, i.e. a written consent of another parent, as well as a reference of a territorial subdivision of the State Migration Service proving that a child is not registered with the second parent.

Documents required for a place of residence registration:

  • A standard application form on a new place of residence registration;
  • A passport of a citizen of Ukraine or any other document, where data on a place of residence of a foreigner or a stateless person are entered or reflected;
  • A copy or an original document proving receipt of a temporary or permanent residence permit;
  • A receipt confirming payment of a state duty or a document, releasing from its payment;
  • A document, proving ownership of a dwelling, lease agreement or any other documents, giving a right to residence;
  • A card on removal from registration at a previous place of residence in case of a separate filling out of registration and removal from registration;
  • A military service registration certificate (a military service record card) is submitted by citizens liable for military service.

All submitted documents are examined and verified by an employee of a territorial body (subdivision) of the State Migration Service. Upon availability of entire package of documents and correctness of their filling out a respective registration or removal from registration at a previous place of residence is being affixed.

Registration of a place of stay is similar to a registration of a place of residence.

Procedure for registration of a place of residence can turn into a real continuous story with passing of numerous institutions, such as a passport office, military enlistment office, housing and public utilities, visa and registration office etc. each institution requires filling in of many blanks, collecting various references and documents, as well as standing in huge queues.

“Status Ko” Company renders services on place of residence registration both for foreigners and citizens of Ukraine. Qualified professionals will gladly help you to collect and fill in all necessary documents, to pass all state bodies and to obtain registration of a place of residence as soon as possible.

Having put yourself in hands of our professionals you can be sure in a positive decision regarding your registration, as well as many other issues.

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