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Receipt of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

According to the legislation of Ukraine foreigners and stateless persons can reside in the territory of Ukraine on temporary or permanent basis. A document proving a right of foreign citizens to stay in the territory of Ukraine without time restrictions is a permanent residence permit. In most cases such document is obtained to immigrate into Ukraine for the purpose of permanent residence in its territory.

It is important to note that permanent residence permit in Ukraine vests a foreigner with all rights of a citizen of Ukraine with citizenship of his motherland being preserved. A single exception is that distinguishes a citizen of Ukraine from a foreigner with a permanent residence permit is a right to vote in elections. This is very convenient for those who came in Ukraine with long-term goals but can easily come back to his motherland without necessity of restoring original citizenship.

A permanent residence permit is a right step towards full integration into the Ukrainian society, which shall further allow applying for Ukrainian citizenship.

Let’s study major benefits of a permanent residence permit obtained by a foreigner:

  • first of all, this is a possibility to easily come to Ukraine at any time without requirement to issue a visa;
  • there is no requirement to obtain an official employment permit in Ukraine at the employment center;
  • duration of stay in the territory of Ukraine is not limited to timelines;
  • there is no limitations in terms of double jobholding, which exist when receiving labor permit;
  • residence in Ukraine on a permanent basis obviates the need to spend funds on issuing medical insurance, various fees (for example, a consular one) etc.

Unlike temporary residence permit, which requires annual prolongation, permanent residence permit has unlimited validity. A card is replaced only twice per life – when reaching twenty five or forty five years old.

Who has a right to claim for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

The Law of Ukraine on Immigration (article 4) and The Law of Ukraine on Legal Status of Foreigners (articles 4 and 5) there are number of persons, who have a right to claim for a permanent residence permit:

  • Persons whose immigration in Ukraine will contribute to science and culture development;
  • Professionals of various branches of activity with acute shortage of highly-qualified personnel;
  • Foreigners who are direct relatives of the citizens of Ukraine (parents, children of minority age, grandparents, siblings, as well as a husband or a wife);
  • Citizens of other states who earlier were citizens of Ukraine;
  • Investors who invested into the Ukrainian economy at least US$ 100 000 or equivalent of this amount in another currency. A proving document – registration of such fact according to the legislation of Ukraine is a must.
  • Persons with a refugee status who permanently resided in the territory of Ukraine for over three years from the date of obtaining such status in Ukraine, as well as their families, living directly with them.
  • Persons with a status of those suffered from illegal actions, relating to human traffic, as well as those who permanently reside in the territory of Ukraine within three years.

There are certain restrictions (quotas) as to receipt of a permanent residence permit by the mentioned above categories of citizens – only strictly limited number of people gets such cards each year.

The following categories of people may claim for receipt of a permanent residence permit beyond such quota, in particular:

  • Persons – guardians of the citizens of Ukraine or persons under the guardianship of the citizens of Ukraine;
  • A husband or a wife, who are married to a citizen of Ukraine for over two years;
  • Children or parents of the citizens of Ukraine;
  • Persons, qualifying for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine in view of their birth in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Persons whose immigration in Ukraine relates to the state interests;
  • Ukrainians, as well as their families’ members residing abroad and going to commit a joint entry into the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 251 d/d March 28, 2012 and Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine No. 681 d/d 15.07.2013 there are peculiar documents required to start the procedure for obtaining permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

Documents required for obtaining permanent residence permit:

  • A questionary and an application form for immigration of a standard pattern;
  • A foreigner’s passport translation, notarized or certified by a translation agency;
  • A photo-copy of a passport pages with a mark on a legal border crossing, registration, as well as migration card;
  • Passport copies of a foreigner’s close relatives (parents, children, wife/husband, siblings), who are citizens of Ukraine;
  • Photocopies of documents, proving relation of an immigrant with close relatives in Ukraine: birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. Copies of these documents are to include their translation into Ukrainian and be notarized;
  • A photocopy of a birth certificate of a child (up to 16 years old);
  • A police clearance certificate in Ukraine;
  • A notarized application of a home owner, where an immigrant is to be registered, on objection absence to such registration; a notarized copy of documents on right of ownership to a home;
  • A police clearance certificate on the previous place of residence (according to the paragraph 4 and 6 of the article 4, section 6 of the Law of Ukraine on Immigration);
  • Medical certificates proving absence of such serious disease of an immigrant as AIDS, tuberculosis, diphtheria, meningococcus, pathogenic enterobacteria, as well as narcologist certificate;
  • 2 envelopes;
  • 8 photographs (on standard mat-surface paper).

It should be noted that a number of documents list has a limited period of validity. It often happens that while you receive all required documents, some of them have already become invalid and thus you must start the procedure of collecting documents from the very beginning. That is why it often turns out to be very difficult or even impossible to pass through all bodies and to collect the entire package of documents.

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