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For legal residence of foreign citizens in the territory of Ukraine over the extended period of time certain official documents, granting the right to, are required. Such document is represented by the residence permit (temporary or permanent). Temporary residence permit is issued on the basis of the documents according to the art.4 of the Law of Ukraine on Legal Status of Foreign Citizens or Stateless Persons.

On the one part, receipt of temporary residence permit by the persons, possessing all legal grounds for this, should pose no problems. However, it appears in practice that drawing up of temporary residence permit turns into a labor intensive and prolonged process. Thus, this brings up a question whether a foreign citizen is able to obtain a residence permit without loss of time and effort? And an unambiguous answer is – YES! The easiest way of receiving temporary residence permit is to make use of services of the “Status Ko” Company. Let’s consider the grounds and procedure of obtaining temporary residence permit in Ukraine in detail.

Grounds for obtaining temporary residence permit

According to the Law of Ukraine on Legal Status of Foreigners or Stateless Citizens there is a list of grounds, which allow obtaining temporary residence permit. These grounds include:

  • Official labor permit in Ukraine ( официальное разрешение на работу в Украине (employment at the enterprises, religious organizations, representative offices and branches of foreign companies, employment at position of reporter or representative of foreign mass media);
  • Official undergoing of full-time training;
  • Concluding marriage with a citizen of Ukraine during legal residence in the territory of the state. Reunification of family, when one of its members has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Receipt of a temporary residence permit grants a range of rights to a foreign citizen, major of which are as follows:

  • A right to education (including free education for children);
  • A right to free import of own car;
  • A right to bank servicing (receipt of consumer credit without any fuss etc.).
  • A right to purchase dwelling property, automobile vehicles;
  • No obligation of periodic registration at the State Migration Service.

A procedure of obtaining temporary residence permit in Ukraine

To start the procedure of obtaining temporary residence permit it is required to submit (according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 251 d/d 28.03.2012 and Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 681 d/d 15.07.2013) the following documents:

  • Standard application form in the name of a foreigner or stateless person to obtain temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  • A request of a hosting party with notarized passport copies of the director and responsible person of the enterprise/organization;
  • A document, which is a ground for obtaining temporary residence permit (art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine on legal status of foreigners and stateless persons);
  • Translation of passport pages containing personal data, certified under the established procedure;
  • Medical insurance policy;
  • A copy of the document, confirming legal crossing of the Ukrainian border;
  • 4 photographs of 3.5х4.5 (on the matted base).

Save for successful submitting of documents there is a range of peculiarities and nuances related to obtaining decision and further actions after that. Thus, after receipt of temporary residence permit a foreigner should within 10 days undergo registration at the place of residence specified. It is worth mentioning that competent states authorities keep count not in business, but in calendar days. It means that date of reading shall be not the date of receiving card, but the date of taking decision regarding such person. In order to get registration at a certain address it is required to visit respective institutions (Housing Department, regional department of the State Migration Service). And all these represent additional official red tape and loss of time.

In order not to be entrapped and lost in numerous nuances and peculiarities of legislation, save own time and nerves, you may chose a reliable partner in the person of professionals of the “Status Ko” Company.

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