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Taxpayer identification number (TIN) receipt is a necessary procedure for each foreigner, willing to live, work or to carry out business activity in Ukraine. TIN is severely required for:

  • Employment in the territory of Ukraine;
  • Entering higher educational establishment;
  • Opening bank accounts;
  • Entering into possession of inheritance in Ukraine;
  • Registering company, enterprise or business entity;
  • Issuing residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Being admitted to citizenship of Ukraine;
  • You may easily make use of our Company services on obtaining identification number. To accomplish this it’s just enough to visit a notary once to certify a power of attorney for receiving TIN. Moreover, we may send you a power of attorney example, and you may sign it at any time convenient for you.

    Documents necessary for obtaining identification number by foreign citizens:

    • A passport copy with a notarized translation into Ukrainian language;
    • A copy of passport pages with place of residence of registration;
    • A copy of passport page with a mark on legal board crossing;
    • A notarized power of attorney of a foreigner for the representatives of our Company.

    Our professionals will kindly help you in issuing TIN as soon as possible, i.e. within 5 days.

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