Mandatory medical insurance of foreign citizens

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According to the legislation in force foreign citizens are to have mandatory medical insurance when entering into Ukraine. Each foreigner who comes to Ukraine with the intention of employment, education, tourism or visiting relatives, should care about their health and acquire medical insurance policy. Such policy will save oneself from large expenditures in case of emergency medical aid or serious health problems.

Insurance object in case of accident or unexpected illness of the insured person during his/her stay in the territory of Ukraine is represented by property interests, relating to compensating expenditures connected with medical treatment.

Insurance policy stipulates payments in the event of:

  • Temporary loss of working capacity as a result of an accident (injury, burns, poisoning);
  • Permanent disability as a result of an accident (I, II, III disability group);
  • Insured person death.

Foreign citizens, who are willing to obtain or prolong Ukrainian visa, or to draw up a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, must conclude medical insurance agreement. To conclude such agreement one should have passport of its native state.

Insurance payment is calculated depending on chosen insurance risks and duration of insurance. Duration of insurance agreement is chosen within the limits from one day till one year. Insurance payment is a monetary amount, within the limits of which the Insurer covers medical expenditures for treating insured person.

When an insured event occurs the Insurer pays out monetary compensation for:

  • Inpatient treatment of an insured person;
  • Transportation of an insured person to a doctor or hospital on an emergency car;
  • Outpatient treatment;
  • Repatriation for treatment continuation;
  • Delivery of a body back to a native state in the event of the death, as well as for ceremonial services if funeral was carried out in the territory of Ukraine.

Our professionals will gladly advise the best insurance companies, as well as translate and explain in detail all terms and conditions of the insurance agreement.

Status Ko Company will help you in acquiring or prolonging compulsory medical insurance policy for foreign citizens for temporary stay in the territory of Ukraine.


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