Translation interpretation services for business and individuals

COST from 45 UAH/1860 characters
DEADLINE from 1  business day

Professional translation of documents, private translators/interpreters services, preparation of scientific and other types of translations from any language is a business necessity, imposed by time and circumstances. Correct choice of a translator/interpreter represents a key issue! Let’s calculate expenses in the event of an unprofessional performance of a translator/interpreter:

  • Incorrectly filed in documents;
  • Time loss;
  • Paid for services (at double rate).
  • It is time to take a correct decision and to entrust documents translation to the “Status Ko” Company team!

    Translation interpretation services

    Simultaneous interpretation: for conferences and business meetings

    Interpreters’ services rendered at formal events, meetings, and conferences become more and more in demand with regard to business horizons expansion. Simultaneous interpretation is represented by a work of an interpreter in a mode of a dialog – interpretation of a spokesperson speech into one or several languages.

    Main requirement to simultaneous translation is a perfect quality. An interpreter is to be very attentive, aware of a negotiation subject, and fluently speaking foreign language.

    Interpreting is represented by the following kinds:

    1. Interpreting by ear;
    2. Sight interpreting (of a pre-prepared text);
    3. Reading pre-prepared text translation simultaneously with a spokesperson.

    Simultaneous interpretation can be performed personally in front of an audience – when we speak about interpreting into one language. Or interpretation can be performed into several languages simultaneously with aid of peculiar equipment (at international forums).

    “Status Ko” Company engages qualified professionals in interpreting/translating, native speakers, who constantly improve their skills, into its staff. It is our ability to submit you simultaneous interpreting of the best quality.

    Web-site translation: necessity for business on the Internet

    Each year Internet-marketing covers the more and more of advertising budgets of various companies. An official web-site, a corporate web-site, an internet-shop, a promo-site, an official public in social networks, blog, twitter, professional circles – all of them represent essential characteristics of carrying out business online.

    Horizons expansion for a company means operation in other countries. And on the first place it is possible due to the aid of the Internet. A professional web-site translation into other languages is a necessity, imposed by a company’s interests.

    We kindly suggest you to apply to “Status Ko” translation agency and to order a professional content translation on your web-site pages.

    Advantages of translating web-sites at the “Status Ko” Company:

    • Translations into 80 world’s languages;
    • A guaranteed quality – delivery of a core meaning to the utmost;
    • A corporate stylistics;
    • An operational efficiency.

    Accredited translation: smooth document preparation

    Accredited translation represents translation services of official documents, performed by a qualified translator/interpreter who has a right to with accreditation for work with embassies. Accredited translation is carried out directly at an embassy of one or another foreign state. In Ukraine such services are rendered only at the embassy of Spain and Italy. Description of accredited translation procedure:

    1. An apostille stamp is affixed to a future document;
    2. Then a document is translated;
    3. And a document is certified by an embassy seal.

    There is one more variant of accredited translation (at the embassies of Spain or Italy), when it is required to affix second apostille for certification of translation. Both variants of accreditation are carried out on legal basis and are to be recognized by countries, where these documents are submitted.

    Peculiarities of accredited translation for certain countries: services of a sworn translator/interpreter

    At the embassies of such countries as the Czech Republic and France (in Ukraine) accredited translation is not performed. The procedure for official documents translation varies. An apostille is affixed on the first stage, and then an authorized sworn translator/interpreter at an embassy performs translation. An embassy seal is not required in such case.

    Double apostille: for embassies and other countries

    At embassies of those states, where there is no accredited translator/interpreter, notarized documents translations are in common practice. Firstly an apostille is affixed to a document, then its translation is notarized, and after that one more apostille is affixed.

    Advantages of accredited translation at the “Status Ko” Company:

    • Work on a tight schedule;
    • Cooperation with embassies;
    • Notary services.

    Interpretation: qualified staff

    Work of an interpreter is required very often during negotiations, presentations, meetings, and conferences. “Status Ko” Company will gladly select a translator for you with consideration of all necessary requirements: with knowledge of that or another language, high proficiency, working experience at common events. We consider all nuances of each event scheduled – area of activity, occasions of the event, subjects for discussion and speech etc. you may order interpreter’s services both for work at the official part and for breaks and reception standing etc. Our interpreter can work at negotiations.

    Translations: any subject

    “Status Ko” Company has its own qualified specialists, performing translations of any degree of complexity, subject and genre into 80 languages.

    • Translating all kinds of documents: certificates, references, identity cards, education documents, military service record cards etc.;
    • Translating scientific papers;
    • Translating technical documentation;
    • Translating literary works;
    • Translating letters and business correspondence;
    • Translating medical documentation (specifications, medical histories, conclusions, accompanying documents).

    Several professionals work at a text – translator, linguist, and editor, which allows gaining perfect quality of translation and preserving correct stylistics and operational efficiency.

    Interpretation and translation of audio- and video materials

    Translation of audio- and video materials is a new service offered by our Company. Preparing video tapes, video presentations, master classes on video, interview, films are popular in various spheres as of today. Earlier professionals on translation of video- and audio materials were mainly employed in production area (TV, radio stations, motion pictures studios).

    “Status Ko” Company is one among few companies in Ukraine, working in this direction and has its own skilled professionals. Translation of audio- and video materials is more time and labor consuming compared to others. A translator is to be very attentive, know language perfectly with regard to its dialectic peculiarities for certain states and regions.

    Procedure for translating audio- and video materials at our Company is as follows:

    1. Firstly, materials submitted by a customer are being reviewed; they are appraised, evaluated as to terms and cost of a project.
    2. Then an audio track is deciphered with further information entering into a text document on the language of the original material.
    3. Materials translation.
    4. Than a sound track of a translation is made at a professional sound-recording studio.

    The process may vary depending on task specificity, but in the end a customer received a finished product of a perfect quality. This is a job of our Company – to render translation/interpretation services on such level, which shall meet the customer’s expectations.

    We are always open for cooperation and expect your calls:

    (044) 331-35-65;
    (044) 220-30-49;
    (067) 240-30-85.

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