Filling out of a police clearance certificate in Ukraine

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A police clearance certificate is an official standard pattern document, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Such certificate proves clean record of an individual as of the date of its receipt.

Our company renders services on receiving police clearance certificate both for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners residing in the territory of Ukraine now.

The certificate is issued for using in Ukraine, as well as for submitting to foreign states embassies.

A police clearance certificate may be required for a range of deeds, for example:

  • issuance or prolongation of a residence permit;
  • hiring to a job;
  • receipt of a visa for leaving abroad;
  • repetitive receipt of a citizen of Ukraine passport (in the event of its loss);
  • issuance of a receipt for acquiring weapon;
  • issuance or renewal of documents;
  • filling in participation in a state tender procedure;
  • fulfillment of adoption procedure, осуществления процедуры усыновления, establishment of guardianship or creation of foster family.

A police clearance certificate is issued by the internal affairs agencies regardless of a place of stay of an individual, in respect of whom verification is carried out.

Police clearance certificates very in period of validity. A certificate for use in the territory of Ukraine is valid within 30 days, and for leaving abroad – for 90 days. This period may be prolonged at the embassies of certain states, that is why it’s better to clarify all details at the respective organizations.

Our Company renders the following services on receiving police clearance (or conviction) certificate:

  • preparing necessary package of documents;
  • submitting documents in a due form;
  • receiving police clearance certificate.

Documents, required for receiving police clearance (or conviction) certificate:

  1. a passport copy with translation, notarized or certified at the translation agency (for foreign citizens);
  2. a copy of a Ukrainian citizen passport;
  3. a copy of a taxpayer identification number (TIN).


To receive a certificate one should comply with all required formalities, fill out documents correctly, as well as to submit them staying in a long queue. The professionals of the Status Ko Company will gladly help you in receiving police clearance certificate without loss of time and nervesв.

In addition, you may receive the entire set of services, which may be needed for obtaining police clearance certificate – a translation, notary certification, apostille or documents legalization. And in the event of leaving abroad – to certify documents translation with a seal.



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