Filling out of a service card by foreigners

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The legislation of Ukraine defines requirements, placed on foreign citizens, willing to find a job in Ukraine. A service card is needed by the employees of foreign companies’ representative offices, operating in Ukraine permanently.

The purpose of filling out service card

In order to fulfill employment duties foreign citizens are to stay in Ukraine very often for a considerably long period. The Law clearly stipulates requirements to the employees of the foreign companies’ representative offices, namely: availability of service cards. Compliance with the rules of employment of foreign citizens will allow them to stay legally in the territory of Ukraine, as well as to avoid punitive sanctions on the part of the state. One more purpose of issuing it may be represented by subsequent receipt of the temporary residence permit in Ukraine, as far as a service card serves in terms of an official grounds for this. Issuance of such cards is not required only for the employees of the representative offices with Ukrainian citizenship.

The procedure for filling out of a service card

Для оформления служебной карточки сотрудник представительства иностранного субъекта хозяйственной деятельности должен собрать следующий пакет документов:

  • To file out a service card an employee of foreign economic entity representative office should collect the following package of documents:
  • An application for request to file out a service card from the foreign economic entity representative office on the official blank form, signed and sealed by the Head;
  • A notarized copy of the State Registration Certificate of the representative office in the territory of Ukraine;
  • A foreign employee passport with official translation;
  • Two colored photographs of 3х4 cm;
  • A list of all foreign employees of the representative office with exact specification of their duration of stay in the territory of Ukraine, certified by a personal signature of the Head of the representative Office.


A representative office bears full responsibility for illegal employment of invited foreign citizens; that is why they should care about timely and proper filling out of all necessary documents. The procedure for filling out of a service card in the event of an entire package of documents availability will take 15 days. “Status Ko” Company will gladly become you reliable partner in the field of the migration law.


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