Filling out a request at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

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It is possible to receive a long-term type D visa within the shortest time!

Having applied to Status Ko Company you may bank upon extensive support for our part as to the issues of:

1. Preparing official papers;

2. Filling out requests;

3. Submitting them to the Ministry;

4. Consulting of a lawyer and various authorities’ representatives.

Our offer will be interesting to anyone who lives and works in Ukraine, or is going to start business activity here, or to come here often on business purpose.

What for is a long-term visa required?

Each employee of a foreign representative office willing to obtain a visa for free entrance to the territory of Ukraine and carrying out of his/her functional obligations should take measure as to issuing a standard pattern official invitation. According to the Rules of filling out visas for entering Ukraine and transit crossing its territory, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 567 d/d June 1, 2011, receipt of such document is a necessary stage in the process of filling out a long-term type D visa. This document grants a right not only to visit Ukraine on business, but also to submit documents for further issuance of a temporary residence permit.

How to file out a request?

In the process of obtaining invitation from a foreign representative office a presupposed employee is to file out a service card additionally, as far as a letter-petition from a foreign representative office and availability of an employee’s service card is a ground for issuing request at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

Such request is presented as an official document, necessary exceptionally for employees of foreign representative offices, registered at the territory of Ukraine according to the established procedure. Then an invitation from a representative office of e foreign company is sent to a consular section of an embassy of Ukraine abroad, where a future foreign employee is going to submit document for filling out a long-term visa, which shall allow him/her carrying out direct working activity in Ukraine. A long-term type D visa represents one of the grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

One should submit the following documents to obtain an invitation at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine:

  • A written invitation of a hosting party in Ukraine;
  • A standard pattern application of a hosting party for receipt of a type D visa by an employee of a foreign representative office;
  • A photocopy of a service card, certified by a respective seal of a foreign company representative office in Ukraine;
  • A passport copy of a foreign citizen with an official translation;
  • A notarized copy of a representative office registration certificate;
  • O copy of a reference of the Chief Administration of the State Statistic Service of Ukraine certified by a seal of a representative office.

Having used services of our Company for filling out a request of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, you receive a package of services:

  • Detailed consulting on all issues, relating to migration right, in particular, to filling out of a request;
  • Preparing and correct filling in of entire package of documents;
  • Submitting of all required documents to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

“Status Ko” Company experienced professionals will gladly help you in resolving any issues as to further filling out of a long-term D type visa, as well as temporary residence permit in Ukarine.

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