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A guest (private) visit is considered to be an entry into Ukraine for the purpose of concluding marriage, visiting relatives, friends etc. An appropriate visa is required for a private visit. As a rule, a private invitation is issued for 90 or 180 days from the date of its receipt.

In order a foreign state citizen could obtain a private visa in the Consulate of Ukraine abroad, a hosting party should fill out an invitation properly at the migration service bodies.

Let’s study in detail a procedure for issuance of a private invitation. First of all a hosting party (an individual) fills in a standard application form. Then it is recorded in a record book of individuals’ applications for issuance of invitations for foreigners and stateless persons to obtain visa to enter the territory of Ukraine.

The migration service employees verify correctness of filing up an application and availability of complete package of the required documents. Then a comparison of the copies and original documents is performed, as well as control of a hosting party and case formation.

An invitation for a foreigner contains the following information about a person invited:

  • full name;
  • sex;
  • data and place of birth;
  • citizenship and state of permanent residence;
  • complete data on identification document.

After receipt of an original copy of an invitation by a hosting party, a procedure for issuing visa to visit Ukraine by a foreigner is being initiated.

Required documents to issue private invitations:

  • an application of a hosting party (private person);
  • a copy of a hosting party passport;
  • a copy of a foreigner’s passport pages with a photography and personal data. Plus their official translation, certified by a translation agency.

In the event a hosting party is a foreign citizen, then the following documents are required:

  • a copy of a residence permit of a hosting party;
  • a copy of a labor permit.

Compilation of all references and documents in the state institutions, their preparation and submission represents a highly lasting and complicated process. Anyone who has ever undergone this process is aware of “red-tape” delays and refusals on invitations based on extremely formal causes.

“Status Ko” Company is ready to become your reliable partner in the process of obtaining all permitting references and documents, necessary for issuance of a private invitation for foreigners in Ukraine. Through our help the entire procedure shall take at most 5-7 business days.

Having entrusted us with a concern on obtaining a private invitation, you will be able to meet with your relatives without any delays.

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