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A list of documents, which subject to notarial certification, is very large.

For individuals this may be a copy of a passport, diploma, Certificate of Secondary General Education, employment record, birth or marriage certificate etc.

For legal persons notarial services may be required when certifying authenticity of a copy of a registration certificate, statutory documents, powers of attorney, certificates, accounting balance sheets, agreements, contracts, protocols, various financial reports and so on.


A very important aspect is to meet a document filing procedure:

  • Title as well as name of an organization, responsible for its issuance;
  • Availability of signature of a responsible person, date of issuance, and reference number;
  • If a document consists of two and more sheets, they should be sewn and bear respective seal (signature);
  • If a document was issued by foreign state authorities, it should bear a stamp of consular legalization, or have apostille.

Not in all cases, but very often it is necessary to submit to a notary an original of a certified document.

In order to use documents issued by foreign authorities in the territory of Ukraine one should have:

  • Notarial certification of a copy;
  • Notarial certification of a translation correctness;
  • Notarial certification of an authenticity of a photocopy.

Necessity of such certification may arise in various situations. For example, if a foreign citizen is willing to be employed in Ukraine, then an employment service will require a notarized translation of a passport and diploma. Only certified (with a diploma) specialists having respective qualification are allowed translating. In other case a notary will not affix his/her seal below translation.

According to the article 38 of the Law of Ukraine on Notariate document designated for usage abroad are to be notarized. Such documents, compiled according to the international law requirements, may have essential differences compared to documents, used in Ukraine. That is why compiling them it is necessary to consider not only peculiarities of their filing, but also rules of certifying correctness of their translation from one language into another. An original copy of a foreign document should also include all required attribution. And official copies of more than one sheet are to be sewn and bear a seal/stamp. In this very case the procedure shall be as follows:

  1. Documents translation is to be sewn to a notarized copy or to an original document;
  2. A certified translator affixes his/her signature to the last page of the translation before a notary;
  3. A notary personally certifies authenticity of translation by signature and seal;
  4. An entry is made into a registry with indication of a registration number.

If you do not possess a translator’s diploma you will not be able to certify a translation at a notary by yourself. Our translation agency is always glad to help you in resoling such issues, as well as to render full support in the process of certifying translated documents.

For more detailed information as to the mentioned above matters, as well as obtaining notary certification of various documents, please, do not hesitate to contact us right now!

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