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The process for documents legalization covers a lot of time; it requires 100% of correct filling in of each separate document, adjusting many issues, several specialists participating in the process.

An ultimate solution is to entrust with documents legalization a company, specialized in this area.

“Status Ko” is one of such company, which many years’ experience in this field allows us to prepare a documents package needed within the shortest time limits.

Collaborating with us you may expect:

  • Qualitative and operative documents translation for an embassy;
  • Exhaustive legal support;
  • Notary certification of documents;
  • Submission of the documents to the Ministry or embassy by our employees.

Documents legalization is essential for those citizens, who go to other countries for the purpose of education, when purchasing immovable property, for employment, marriage and permanent residence permit. Diplomas, certificates, permits – all these are to be legalized and certified at an embassy of another state.

Which documents are to be legalized?

  • At the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: documents, issued by notaries, courts, and other justice authorities, documents translations into other languages, certified by a notary.
  • At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: original documents, issued at Civil Status Acts Registration Offices, references, issued at the Ministry of Internal Affairs etc.
  • At embassies: documents submitted at other states are to be legalized.

Note! Legalization is not required in some cases – our employees will gladly advice you on this and other peculiarities of documents legalization.

Apostille and double apostille

Apostille certifies authenticity of signatures, stamps or seals, affixed to documents, issued by state organizations and services of 127 member-states of the Hague Convention. In other words apostille certifies authenticity of this of that document on the level of another state.

Note! Apostile affixed to a document released from the further procedure for legalization. A document certified with “apostille” stamp stand in law in any of 127 member-states of the Hague Convention.

What documents are to bear apostille stamp?

Notary documents; education documents; administrative protocols; documents, issued by judicial, justice, executive authorities and prosecutor’s office.

Apostille may not be affixed to: the documents, relating to commercial activity, customs service, issued by diplomatic departments of Ukraine, as well as original copies of such documents as labor record, passport, military service record card, technical specification and others.

Note! Documents, issued by Civil Status Acts Registration Office, should first of all be legalized at the Regional Justice Administration of that region, to which such civil status acts registration office belongs. Only after this procedure an apostille stamp can be affixed at the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine are authorized to affix apostille.

What does double apostille mean?

In some case legalization procedure stipulates procedure for double apostille. Дdouble apostille is a stamp, which should be affixed to various documents – originals and certified copies. Double apostille is required by the legislation of such countries as Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Norway, France, Portugal and Great Britain.

On the first stage one should affix apostille on the original document, then a document is to be translated into another language, bear notarized certification of its translation, and, in the end, - the second apostille.

“ Status Ko” Company employees for many years help to pass through legalization procedure for documents at various stages, starting from their translation into another language, notarization and ending with submission to the Ministry for apostille stamp affixation.

Procedure for documents nostrification

All documents confirming education issued by education authorities beyond Ukraine are to undergo nostrification procedure. It is necessary for acknowledging scientific degree, qualification of any level according to state education standards of Ukraine.

How is a nostrification procedure carried out?

On the first stage one should approve authenticity of a document and fact of a certain scientific degree receipt at this or that educational establishment. For this purpose one should submit documents for legalization to a consulate or to affix apostille stamp. Availability of such stamps simplifies greatly the procedure – an official verification of a document issuance is not required.

On the second stage an official acknowledgement of a higher educational establishment, which issued documents confirming education or conferred a scientific degree, is required. It is referred to verification of a license and level of accreditation of an educational establishment.

On the last stage one should define and approve level of a specialist’s qualification. For this purpose an analysis of educational programs of that establishment, which issued a document, is carried out; they are compared to Ukrainian ones. A volume of knowledge, its structure, quality and qualification must be corresponding.

“Status Ko” Company professionals take all necessary measures to simplify nostrification procedure for you! Qualitatively, qualified and with guarantee!

Advantages of documents legalization at the “Status Ko” Company:

  • The shortest time of preparing documents;
  • Translating document into 80 world’s languages;
  • Notary services;
  • Submitting documents to ministries or embassies;
  • Guaranteed legal support;
  • A many year’s working experience in this area.
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