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A need for visiting territory of Ukraine by foreigners often emerges for the purpose of maintaining adequate business relations with foreign partners. Major purposes of a visit may be as follows:

  • Studying of investment climate in a region;
  • Setting-up and adjusting of the equipment sold;
  • Product presentation;
  • Exhibitions and conferences;
  • Negotiating and concluding of agreements;
  • Control of representative offices and branches activity, as well as many other things.
  • A hosting party, according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 567 d/d 01.06.2011, should be represented by a Ukrainian legal person (an enterprise, institution, organization), registered under the established procedure with a right to submit documents to the State Migration Service for issuance of a business invitation (the order of the Ministry of Internal Affair No. №524 d/d 08.10.2008, order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 600 d/d 23.08.2011). This document is required when issuing respective visa at the consular department of the Ukrainian embassy abroad.

    A business visa for visiting Ukraine is issued for a period of up to 6 months under a condition of staying in the territory of Ukraine for a period not exceeding 90 days. There is a possibility to prolong a visa in the territory of Ukraine.

    To issue a business invitation a hosting party should submit a written request and required package of documents to the State Migration Service.

    To issue business invitations legal persons submit the following documents:

    • A filled up form of a request;
    • A copy of a card of enterprise registration in the Chief Administration of the State Migration Service;
    • A copy of a hotel reservation for guests accommodation;
    • A copy of a Director’s passport;
    • A copy of pages of passport document of an invited person with official translation, certified by a translation agency; and
    • A warranty letter on undertaking financial obligations on accommodation of an invited person, as well as all costs, relating to a foreigner’s stay in the territory of Ukraine and subsequent departure from it;

    “Status Ko” Company can pass a procedure for obtaining a business invitation as soon as practicable, which shall give you an opportunity to focus on preparation and execution of business meetings with your foreign partners.

    Moreover, our Company will gladly help you on many other issues, which may emerge as a result of a foreigner’s stay in the territory of Ukraine.

    You may receive professional and prompt assistance in obtaining business invitations by giving a ring:
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    (044) 220-30-49;
    (067) 240-30-85.

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