Labor permit for a foreigner

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 437 d/d May 27, 2013, a new Procedure for issuance, prolongation of duration and cancellation of permit to use labor of foreign citizens and stateless persons is in force since June 5, 2013 in the territory of Ukraine.

Receipt of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Official documents, giving a right for a legal stay for a legal stay of foreign citizens in the territory of Ukraine in the long run are required. Such document is represented by a residence permit (temporary or permanent). A temporary residence permit (TRP) is issued on the basis of the documents specified in the article 4 of the Law of Ukraine on Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons.

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

According to the Ukrainian legislation foreign citizens and stateless persons can reside in the territory of Ukraine on a temporary or permanent basis. A document proving a right of foreign citizens to stay in the territory of Ukraine without time constraints is a permanent residence permit.

Filling out of a police clearance certificate in Ukraine

A police clearance certificate is an official standard pattern document, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Such certificate proves clean record of an individual as of the date of its receipt.

Business invitations. Filling out of official invitations

A hosting party submits a written request and a respective package of documents to the State Migration Service to file out an official invitation.

Prolongation of duration of stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine

If you are a foreign citizen going to stay in Ukraine over the period specified than in order to avoid administrative punishment for illegal stay in the territory of Ukraine you should take care about prolongation of your registration in Ukraine.

Filling out of private invitations

A guest (private) visit is considered to be an entrance of foreigners into Ukraine for the purpose of concluding marriage, meeting relatives, friends etc. A respective visa is required for a private visit.

Mandatory medical insurance of foreign citizens

According to the legislation in force foreign citizens are to have mandatory medical insurance when entering into Ukraine.

The citizenship of Ukraine

The procedure of Ukrainian citizenship receipt is a very difficult and rather long process that in all cases includes the implementation of a wide range of necessary conditions.

Receipt of an identification code

Receipt of a taxpayer identification number (TIN) is a required procedure for each foreign citizen, willing to live, work or carry out own business activity adequately in the territory of Ukraine.

Registration/removal from place of residence registration

Procedure for place of residence registration is approved by the Law of Ukraine on Freedom of Movement and Free Choice of Place of residence in Ukraine No. 1382-IV d/d 11.12.2003. Registration is represented by making a specific entry into the passport, where data about new place of residence with exact address of living are specified.

Filling out of a service card by foreigners

The legislation of Ukraine defines requirements, placed on foreign citizens, willing to find a job in Ukraine. A service card is needed by the employees of foreign companies’ representative offices, operating in Ukraine permanently.

Filling out a request at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Our offer will be interesting to anyone who lives and works in Ukraine, or is going to start business activity here, or to come here often on business purpose.

Translation interpretation services for business and individuals

Professional translation of documents, private translators interpreters services, preparation of scientific and other types of translations from any language is a business necessity, imposed by time and circumstances.

Notarial certification of documents

A list of documents, which subject to notarial certification, is very large. For individuals this may be a copy of a passport, diploma, Certificate of Secondary General Education, employment record, birth or marriage certificate etc.

Documents legalization

The process for documents legalization covers a lot of time; it requires 100% of correct filling in of each separate document, adjusting many issues, several specialists participating in the process.

Accompanying foreign guests

STATUS KO Company renders a set of services, helping foreign guests to find themselves comfortable in Kyiv.


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