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A new procedure to fill out the documents in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine has been approved

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in its Decree No. 289 d/d June 04, 2014 approved a procedure for filling out and issuing documents for the persons, who reside on a temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. The procedure is designated to ensure rights and freedoms of the citizens, as well as a regal order under the given complicated circumstances.

Simplification of a procedure to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

A new draft law is placed on the web-site of the Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament of Ukraine). It stipulates certain amendments in the Law, governing status of foreigners and stateless persons. These amendments shall cover terms and conditions of foreigners’ and stateless persons’ stay in Ukraine.

Оn prohibition to enter territory of Ukraine by citizens of other states

Part 1, art. 13 of the Law of Ukraine stipulates the cases when Migration Service shall have all grounds to prohibit citizens of foreign states to enter territory of Ukraine.

New rules of entering territory of Ukraine by foreign citizens took effect in Ukraine

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proceed from words to decisive actions. Thus, as of today a new Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine d/d December 04, 2013 No. 884, according to which all citizens of other states crossing border of Ukraine, must have with them a sufficient amount of monetary funds.

A long-term D-type visa

A long-term D type visa (VD) is issued to foreign citizens, who are going to stay in the territory of Ukraine for a period of at least 90 days, as well as further drawing up of the documents, granting the right to stay in the territory of Ukraine.

List of states with a visa-free travel

A short-term visa for the citizens of Australia, Republic of Albania, Republic of Guatemala, Malaysia, United Mexican States, New Zealand, Republic of Panama, Republic of Singapore, Republic of Turkey and Republic of Croatia is drawn up without invitation submission!

Legalization of references issued by the Ministry of Healthcare

Subject to the clause 6 of the Procedure of Issuance, Prolongation and Cancellation of Permits for the Use of Labor of Foreigners and Stateless Persons, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 27.05.2013 No. 437, all documents for receiving permits for the use of labor of foreigners, issued by a foreign state and filled in a foreign language, must be translated into the Ukrainian language, certified according to the legislation of the country of their issuance and legalized according to the established procedure.

Form of references issued by the Ministry of Healthcare

The Department of Reforms and Development of the medical care of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (MHC of Ukraine) having examined the letter of the State Employment Service of Ukraine of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine d/d 08.07.2013 No. ДУ-09-3990/0/6-13 regarding requirements of the clause 6 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine d/d 27.05.2013 No. 437, informs about the following.


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